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Carl von Linde’s curiosity as an inventor, his persistence in the implementation of his ideas and theoretical concepts, as well as his ability to recognise the requirements of his customers and fulfil their desire for reliability and quality are all timeless factors for success.

A Journey Through Time

The Linde Group can look back at special milestones in its history since the 1880s. Take a trip through time and learn about Linde from its first beginnings to the present day.

Video: A Journey Through Time - History of the Linde Group

Video: Carl von Linde and the freezing technology - Milestones of science and technology (German)

Corporate History - an interactive experience

Linde Media Library

Browse our media library for extensive background material on the history of The Linde Group.

Compact historyOverview of the development of The Linde Group (PDF 539 KB)
HistoryThe complete history of the development of The Linde Group (PDF 3.04 MB)
User guidelinesUser guidelines for the central historic company archive in Höllriegelskreuth (available only in German, PDF 32 KB)

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A Journey through Time

Experience Linde from the beginnings to the present.

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