Financial Overview

Linde financial highlights
in € million 

January  to December

Group revenue17,04716,65515,833
Operating profit23,9203,9663,686
Operating margin23.0%23.8%23.3%
Profit for the year1,1621,4301,341
Number of employees as at 31.12.65,59163,48762,765
Gases Division   
Operating profit 23,8353,8463,566
Operating margin27.4%27.5%27.0%
Engineering Division   
Operating profit 2300319312
Operating margin9.7% 11.1% 12.2%

1 Adjusted for the effects of the first-time retrospective application of new or revised IFRSs. SEE ALSO NOTE 7 IN THE NOTES TO THE GROUP FINANCIAL STATEMENTS.

2 EBIT (before non-recurring items) adjusted for amortisation of intangible assets and depreciation of tangible assets.