Executive Board

The Executive Board of Linde AG is responsible for managing the company and conducting its business. Its actions and decisions are geared towards the best interests of the Group. Its aim is to create sustainable value for stakeholders. The Executive Board establishes the strategic direction of the Group, agrees this strategy with the Supervisory Board and ensures it is properly implemented.

You can find more information about the Management Functions of the Executive Board here.

Dr Wolfgang Büchele (Light Grey Background)

Dr Wolfgang Büchele
Doctorate in Natural Sciences
[Dr. rer. nat.]
Degree in Chemistry
CV Dr Wolfgang Büchele (PDF 66.9 KB)

A portrait of Thomas Blades.

Thomas Blades
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering [Dipl.-Ing.]
CV Thomas Blades (PDF 80 KB)

COO Linde Engineering; Used for the communication at ACHEMA 2015
Quote used in conjunction with picture:
"Our people, operational excellence and patented technologies empower us to deliver value to our customers." 
The file includes the option to use the picture without backround.

Dr Christian Bruch
Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering
CV Dr Christian Bruch (PDF 68 KB)

A portrait of Georg Denoke.

Georg Denoke
Degree in Information Science
Degree in Business Administration [BA]
CV Georg Denoke
(PDF 65 KB)

CV Picture Bernd Eulitz - Format with edge for the responsive design/webpages

Bernd Eulitz
Degree in Chemical Engineering
CV Bernd Eulitz (PDF 68 KB)

A portrait of Sanjiv Lamba.

Sanjiv Lamba
Chartered Accountant
Bachelor of Commerce
CV Sanjiv Lamba (PDF 84 KB)

as of 2015