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Climate protection is one of the central issues of our age. The Linde Group offers innovative solutions for handling the major challenges associated with climate protection. "Clean Technology" by Linde provides more sustainability.

We need products and processes that enable economical use of renewable energies and significantly reduce the consumption of natural resources. Energy and climate questions are closely connected with each other. To ensure that subsequent generations will have a high standard of living in an intact environment, sustainable energy generation and the reduction of CO2 emissions are of primary importance. This requires more renewable energy sources and new technologies for various needs.

New paths and potentials for sustainable energy production

"Clean Technology" from Linde offers innovative solutions that are just right for this. Whether the issue is making coal-fired power plants more environmentally friendly, converting CO2 into valuable biofuel or using hydrogen as an energy carrier, The Linde Group is breaking new ground and making the most of all technologically feasible potential. In doing so, however, the condition for "Clean Technology" always remains ensuring that energy generation is sustainable and that it is both economically as well as ecologically feasible.

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